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Our Remanufacturing Partner Program will help fellow remanufacturers with manufacturing capacity to complement their range and engage with the copier channel with a differential product

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We can provide access to raw materials components and manufacturing know-how.


whats included and what we offer
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Reclaimed OEM toner powder 

We reclaim OEM toner powder from the hoppers of over 80.000 printing equipment we collect in Europe a year. With a proven in-house powder reconditioning process we return them to raw material state preserving OEM properties, consistency and print quality. This precious material revolutionised the copier toner market offering a unique and differential solution focused on reuse and the circular economy

Available in Barrels, 10kg bags and 1kg bottles.  

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Aftermarket toner powder

Reclaimed OEM toner powder is a precious and limited resource. It is only available in volume for selected print engines. To provide a tested toner solution for all brands we also offer a range of premium quality aftermarket toner powder. We partner with market leading Japanese manufacturers for best compatibility print quality yield and reliability.

Botes de Toner Juntos

Reconditioned empty cartridges

We created the range called EcoCartridges. They area range of selected, sorted, cleaned and reconditioned (polished) OEM toner containers ready to be refilled. As they are a 100% reuse product they are patent and IP safe providing a real circular economy solution. They can be ordered with or without chip already fitted and resetted and come in a master box just like any other raw material.

M-PROG box

Chips and reset technology

On todays market all toner cartridges come fitted with a smartchip. True to our reuse- focused approach we developed our own smartchip resetting devide which based on a credit system can reset a number of OEM chips allowing them to be reused. With the use of our M-PROG device we can set OEM chips back to factory state. We can offer chip resetting services as well as sell thedevice itself.


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